performance art

I was fortunate to make the connection we have to make as artists to improvise some new scenes that 1) grew my understanding of my character and 2) succeeded in showing my character imitating her idol, Pontormo, whose diary of tedious but fascinating details of his life will likely be famous as long as there are humans on the planet. As is my process, blogging my movies as I create them, I will be adding to this Diary on a regular basis; and as usual, some of the entries will not make it to the final file, but will continue to exist here as art for what it is, when it is.

THE SPINSTER is a movie in progress about an office worker who lives to draw and obsessed with Jacopo Pontormo. She lives alone, sleeps wrapped in a blanket on the floor of her apartment in the only space that’s not covered with drawings, anatomy books, anatomical diagrams, canvases and art supplies, and lives on eggs & salad, just like her spiritual mentor, Pontormo.

This “Sampler” is composed of shorts that improvised as character sketches and possible scenes for the movie. In the process of making the Sampler, I have found my throughline. I think the challenge for me now is not just showing the character’s struggle “to be discovered,” but also and more importantly, her inner struggle with the challenge she creates for herself every time she picks up a pencil. An artist’s demons are her best friends. Without them, she is nothing.

This character’s spiritual mentor, Pontormo, also was a peculiar solitary creature, whose “figures often seem to float in an uncertain environment, unhampered by the forces of gravity.” The Spinster is unhampered by gravity not only in her drawings, but also in her life.


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