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:::: Who we are, What we've been doing, What we're about to do!

We are StratoFyzika, an international, interdisciplinary collective whose aim is to research audio, visuals, interactive technologies and movement to achieve an aesthetic and sensorial experience in live performance.
In our working process, we start with a brainstorm to develop a concept. Then in each area of speciality, we interpret our brainstorming process and individually create visual, audio and movement maps.
In May 2012, we met and performed our debut piece, "Fire - 23" and sort of hit the ground running! In the year and a half since we produced three other live audio visual performances, a dance for camera video (which had several screenings), hosted two workshops, and most recently realized a residency with Koumaria in Greece. There we were able to meet and collaborate with other talented artists and experience their approaches to wearable technology: wearable prosthetic instruments which were the creation of Ian Hattwick who currently works out of Montreal, a sensor sound dress created by Afroditi Psara with sound done by noise musician Alex Drymonitis, and Marco Zaccaria who we also collaborated with in the Month of Performance Art Berlin, who has just invited us to do our next research in residency work in Barcelona!
In Barcelona, we will also be doing research to find various ways to create and perform with shadows through video technologies and with the use of lights. We will also design custom wireless sensors developed for the piece and build an interactive stage that allows us to coordinate and synchronize the performer’s gestures and body movements, with projected images, graphics and sound.

:::: What We Need & What You Get

This requires a lot of testing, reports, errors and testing again. We will share (publish) Open(Source) to contribute to an ongoing discussion about new modes of creation and performance and, eventually, to a new form of live art work! To do this, we need to have access to a proper rehearsal space and invest in materials and equipment. We need money for a projector, materials to build the sensors and to cover our production and travel expenses.
By donating to our project, you will be providing the tools and we need to work towards the highest quality outcome possible!
In return, we offer various awards!

:::: Other Ways You Can Help. Thank You!

We ask for as little or as much funding you can provide, or even just to pass this video on to someone you think might like to contribute (you can use the indiegogo sharetool at the top of this page) Anything you can donate helps!

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