performance art

Andrey Bartenev - idea, performance, Electric Alien object / Patrick K.-H. - idea, sound-art, video, post-production / Oleg Makarov - idea, MaxMSP-programming,

Jakov Ermolaev - actor / Anna Neizvestnova - 3D-animation / Shura Marchenko & Alexandra Lerman - camera, / supported by Moscow Museum of Modern Art, / curated by Anna Frannz.
24.11.09 @ "CyberFest" festival, St.Petersburg

A multi-media performance, based at modular composition, utilizing a certain range of material: live ”alien” man performance, video reacting on it, and sound, triggering the video reaction at alien performance, all in real time mode.
Each presentation of ELECTRIC ALIEN brings to unique performance based on the nature of performers approach. ELECTRIC ALIEN is a counterpoint of “stand-alone” media, triggering each other in space and time, representing one another from several possible points of view.
ELECTRIC ALIEN is a work-in-progress. Despite questions of visual- /sound- / programming art, it explores the repercussions of utilizing “random chance”, synchronicity, and spontaneous artistic decision as a mediums for creating art.
ELECTRIC ALIEN has been presented in Russian media-art festivals. Video documentation and Electric Alien sculpture is a part of Moscow Museum Of Modern Art (MMOMA) exposition.


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