Phoenix, Arizona

My three-channel video, “Wet” explores ideas of sex and water on a grander scale. My interest in two things that human’s need to survive drove me to investigate how sex and water relate and what they have in common and also how they differ. With these videos I navigate water and sex on a physical and mental level while examining excess and what it means to find stimulation in excess itself. By going over the top I am able to create a dialogue between water and sex in a way that is not only provocative but also spiritual.

By dissecting the physical presence of water and its flow on land and in body I understood how it relates to the mental and physical flow of sex. Ultimately, the majority of organic forms are created by water and sexual activity; therefore in order to have sex you must have water. In Wet I aim to express the human’s drive and sexual return to water by finding bliss in being wet. Through excessive sexual gestures while interacting with water I find spiritual and sexual bliss.


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