Ping Pong KaPow

AND SO: we finish our time in Cambodia in the town of Battambang, far to the northwest. A town of crumbling French villas, endless scrums of children begging for food, long riverboats rides and life-threatening tuk-tuk rides, Battambang ended up being the mose intense, enjoyable and depressing place we travelled to in the country.

Things that happened during the period covered by this clip but did not get filmed:

* We ate a lot of hot baguettes
* Lachlan spent over thirteen hours cycling endlessly through the seventy-odd cable channels available at our guesthouse while making low moaning sounds of an increasingly disturbing nature.
* It rained and then stopped, at which point Adam quipped, "Hey dudes, it's stopped raining".
* We covered our feet and legs in mud and then cleaned them in the bathroom and left a thick layer of scum all over the bathroom floor, which we neglected to clean before we left.
* Erin took a lot of photos of stuff happening on the street, which she then deleted, because they were pictures of a street.
* Lachlan fled into the jungle and was adopted by a local tribe as a deity figure, after which Erin was sent by Adam to retrieve him, "with extreme prejudice". In the end she coaxed him out with a small tube of Vegemite, a VHS recording of old episodes of 'Home Improvement' and a solemn promise that Adam would stop calling him 'fagtits'.

Enjoy! Next week we'll be comin' at you from the mountains of northern Thailand.

The PPKP Team


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