Hello and welcome to this tutorial about creating a tornado using Blender's smoke simulator.

This Blender tutorial will take you through the complete process needed to create a destructive tornado with Blender's smoke simulator and particles, complete with flying debris.

What you'll learn:
While watching this tutorial you will learn how to setup a smoke simulation that is controlled by particle movement, how to influence the particles/smoke with multiple force fields, how to make an object break apart in the strong wind of the tornado, and finally you'll learn how to render the tornado with a Volumetric material.

Part 01 of this tutorial covers how to create the simulation, particles and setting up the force fields to define the shape of the tornado. Part 02 will finalize the simulation and cover rendering.

You can see more of Thomas's work here: tomwalks.deviantart.com/

j vimeo.com/41321353

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