Poetry / Spoken Word

Screened at 'De Nacht van Vonk' (22/11/2014, Antwerp, Belgium)
Screened at Felix Poetry Festival 2014 (11/7/2014, Antwerp, Belgium)
Screened at the closing event of 'Weg Met Dichters' (01/02/2014, Aarschot, Belgium)
Screened during a showcase on videopoetry for FROWN (07/02/2014, Athens, Greece)

Film by Swoon

Poem: Jan H. Mysjkin
(from 'ENZ., ENZ...', uitgeverij De Contrabas, 2013)
Translation: John Irons
Concept, camera, editing, voice & music: Swoon
Footage: Prelinger Archives

Process notes: swoon-videopoetry.com/blog/de-barometer-hapert-barometers-stuck

j vimeo.com/83426881

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