Political Video Art


I AM ‘ONEMAN’… i am the invisible. Tell me, do you truly know FREEDOM or are you simply adhering to an illusion? I ask you, WHAT IS REAL? CAN YOU FEEL? ARE YOU FREE? IS YOUR PAST STILL PRESENT? CAN THE BROKEN EVER TRULY RE-MEMBER?

'ONEMAN’, is the moniker ascribed to this epic, provocative, complex and visceral, guerilla performance project. It's a living, multi-disciplinary, multi-media, multi-dimensional theater/performance art hybrid that conveys its message via the body and monologue. Incorporating elements of improvisation with scripted text and autobiographical narrative, the work is an existentialistic journey and exploration into the depths of freedom, truth, oppression and humanity. Covering a vast array of issues (societal, cultural and political) – which include but are not limited to class, race, gender, sexuality and religion – ‘ONEMAN’ challenges the viewer’s tolerance and capacity to feel and identify with the disturbing and uncomfortable, while simultaneously causing them to ponder their own perceptions of freedom and being.

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