Political Video Art


True Politics is the one leading to peace and to freedom beyond systems and wars, beyond conflicts and ideologies, beyond all the walls of the human mind.

True politics is the one leading to the growing joy beyond barbed wire fences, beyond concentration camps and ethnic slaughter, beyond all the instincts of the human animal.

True politics is the one the soul will understand 'cause it's talking true, 'cause it does what it says,
'cause love is its keyword and the happy vision of a higher world.

True politics is the one everyone will surely like from east to west, from north to south on this earth and any other, now and in the future.

True politics is the one uniting the whole world, removing borders and bombs, founding a new science and World Culture of Truth, of conscious becoming.

True politics is the one which began one day with a change on earth but indeed was there a long time, my friend, in a Mind of Light.

– Michel Montecrossa (© Mira Sound Germany)

More songs and videos: MichelMontecrossa.com

j vimeo.com/7982266

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