POLYGLOT video contest

Words by Ruth
Music by Lassi Vauramo
Sound/Image/Edit Julien Pearly

"I know I’m this little soul that will one day light up another. I have so much to give to someone. But i also love my friends, old and new. I just have to be patient and allow joy into my life.

Is that you, gently tapping at my window? Shimmering under the stars as you dance round and round between the branches? I thought I saw your wings… catching light of my candle soflty keeping me warm…

I woke...

Maybe dreams extend into sleep but your mind can not see the difference…

Where am I now? I got pulled slowly out from my melodic stream. I dreamed about you here. I'm in between matter without the music."

By Ruth Bide


Slowly diffusing its melodies and lyrics into our minds, a song can embrace our souls as we experience through our ears, becoming part of us. We then see our worlds with different eyes as its memory lives in us.
It takes an encounter of the two seasons to create such poetry. A gentle touch as one passes onto the next, a breath of changing temperatures and an understanding in each others existence. Today the sun shines for us and everything that we do under its beautiful sky.
the ukulele child flies now to desired places like the birds they flew south for the winter. I can feel happiness for them as they seek what they hold in their minds.

By Ruth Bide

Dreams have no define languages, as they have no real structures and logical explanations other than the ones we give them from our daily lives.
This is a small clip of future series of films based around the same theme, to give therapeutic experiences through art and images.
This Poem in Slow motion is merging dream with reality, words and music talk to each other and seasons crisscross each other paths in a gentle touch.

j vimeo.com/18479616

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