The Power of Making

Process: Cloth mould water casting.

It is an ancient Japanese process usually used for alloying metals as it creates a better molecular bond between the metals, giving good quality ingots. The ingots are then subsequently worked by master crafts men. The purpose of my experiments were to form pure copper directly without need for additional process thus celebrating the unique and organic forms that the process of cloth mould water casting can produce.

Material: Copper.

Copper is generally considered unsuitable for casting within industry as it absorbs large amounts of oxygen in its molten state and releases it when cooling, leaving an aerated texture and brittle composite when cast using conventional methods.

Aim: Creating Solid copper bullion bowls

The process was adopted and developed as a means of casting copper bullion in a low cost way from reclaimed wire. The process is appropriate as it tackles the issues around casting copper in a number of ways. my intentions were to raise conversation and awareness around the monetary values of the material, while exploiting it's perceived worth's at different stages of the recycling process.

By Oscar Medley-Whitfield
Video and Editing: Jesse Gallup


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