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The Dumbbell is expected to be a mixed-use development consisting of approximately 30,000 SF of Class A creative office space and 5,500 SF of ground floor retail. The project is named for it’s striking resemblance to… a dumbbell. The canted walls of each tower, joined together by a sky bridge, give the project the appearance of a dumbbell sagging under the weight of the concrete ground floor foundation.

It is anticipated that the retail portion will consist of carefully curated food purveyors and traditional retail catering to building tenants and the surrounding community from breakfast, thru happy hour, until the last nightcap. The office space is expected to be spread out over ten distinct floors with floor plates of approximately 3,000 SF. Given the cant in the walls, each floor will be slightly larger than the floor beneath it.

It is expected that tenants will have the opportunity to lease anywhere from a portion of a floor (~1000 SF) to an entire tower (15,000 SF), as well as be able to rent multiple floors either stacked on top of one another or on the same floor of each building connected by the sky bridge.


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