Pratt Film, Animation and Digital Arts Group

Created in my Fall 2011 Pratt Experimental Animation Class, this is the raw 35MM cameraless animation, or scratch film footage, transferred from film to a digital file on a Spirit at Technicolor in NYC as part of a class field trip. I had the footage transferred once as print, and once as negative, in order to get more material to eventually edit from. I gave my students clear & black leader, various found footage, and bag loads of art supplies, to draw, scratch, and otherwise alter the film stock. I then demonstrated a number of techniques for them to experiment with in this abstract approach to filmmaking. Edited in iMovie.
The music that the images are set to is "Willie the Pimp" by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention.
Vocals are by Captain Beefheart.
***Re-Upped as of 3/1/14. Now at full 1080p HD resolution
Go to to see the final film edited from this raw HD footage "Electric Boogie Mud"


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