Public Art

A motion collage documenting and interpreting the process of 'Screwed Cubed' by The Screwed Arts Collective. Installation occurred between June 28 - July 12, 2013.
at The Regional Arts Commission, St. Louis, MO.
All music from the mixtape 'Batman and the Black Bruce Wayne' by the geniuses that are 'Franco Hill'
(Made up of Michael Franco and Jeffrey Hill Jr.)
Screwed Cubed is the Screwed Arts Collective’s first fortay into a fully three-dimensional exhibition and environment. This exhibition takes the viewer/participant into the Collective’s unique method of improvisational drawing and on-site, public space making, resulting in an enhanced experience, both physically and visually.
Screwed Cubed utilizes everyday materials – such as duct tape, corrugated metal, styrofoam, cardboard, and various found objects – which pulls the viewer into a world of makeshift three-dimensional forms and a stereoscopic color palette of cyan and red.
In keeping with the tradition established by the Screwed Arts Collective; members Jacob Elior Berkowitz, Christopher Burch, Daniel Burnett, Stan Chisholm, Cheeraz Gormon, Christopher Harris, Daniel Jefferson, Kris Mosby, Jason Spencer, Justin Tolentino, and Bryan Walsh, work day-and-night over a two-week period of time; exploring techniques, cross-pollinating ideas, challenging notions, reflecting the world back onto itself, enhancing conversations by layering them upon one another, and ultimately making a dope-ass piece of work.


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