Public Art

This is a video of my DAT302 - Everyware installation. The brief of this project was to create something that develops the overall theme in the context of Plymouth as a potential "digital city". My answer to this brief was to create an interactive installation that displayed the immaterial data of a site in Plymouth.

This installation is made up of 7 key components. A camera, an infrared trigger, a laser, a motor, an ultrasonic sensor, a sound sensor and finally an Arduino board. The Arduino board was fit with a sensor shield and a motor shield. This was so I had full control over all of the sensors and was able to power them with ease through the motor shield.

Once the Arduino is powered up, the sound sensor starts to pick up any noise in the area for around 10 seconds. Next, the ultrasonic sensor starts sense any movement for approximately 5 seconds. Once the data is collected, a relay switches, turning on the laser and firing the infrared trigger making the camera take a long exposure photograph. From the data, the motor then rotates controlling the direction of the (now turned on) laser. The more noise in the area the higher the laser would be aimed; the more movement in the area, the faster it would rotate. With the camera aimed in the direction of the laser and fit with a wide angle lens, it is able to capture the data painted onto what ever canvas is used. Once the laser had stopped visualising the data (around 2 - 8 seconds of movement) the whole process repeats.

To get the laser to produce a flat line, it was aimed through the stem of a wine glass. This is so when it scanned the monument it would almost colour it all in. The laser was going to be projected onto Smeaton's Tower on the Hoe in Plymouth, however once I reached the lighthouse, it was covered in scaffolding. So I decided to use one of the monuments instead, although there was a lot more light being cast of them from street lights so the effect of the laser was less impressive. However, overall, I was happy with how the photos turned out.


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