Public Art

CYNETart_03transit, 10.10.2003, Festspielhaus Hellerau

concept/ realisation: Frieder Weiß (D)
dance/ choreography: Emily Fernandez (AUS)

People have known their virtual companion, their shadow, since human consciousness exists. It is our silent follower. We are not able to catch it. Something eerie sticks to the shadow, something our mind cannot grasp. It belongs to our self, although it is not a part of our body. It is always darker than we are and belongs to the emotional world.
In many cultures the shadow is described as the domicile of soul and life. Those without a shadow are dead.
Nowadays we also leave digital shadow-traces in the world of computers. We realise that this data effigy does not always go in accordance with our originally intended image. It could turn out to be extremely distorted, ambivalent, or outdated. That might be threatening at first sight but it might free us to play with our self as soon as we can freely and consciously shape our virtual companion.


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