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Retro FLOOD TV - FLDTV0016
The 16th FLOOD realtime VJ video. Recorded in 2011


Fake Blood -

Hervé -

Music: Fake Blood, Hervé
Visual Styling & VJ’ing: FLOOD
Original Footage: "Altered States" by Ken Russell.

VJ Video Retrospective - FLDTV0016 - Recorded 2011
When I first become a VJ and was thinking about the sort of footage I wanted to use I immediately thought of the movie “Altered States”.

From an early age I have day dreamed (and dreamed) of being full of otherworldly power. Telekinesis, flight or just giant colorful blasts of energy emitting from my hands. The scene where Eddie is trapped between states captures some element of these day dreams (it’s also the inspiration of the pop music video “Take On Me” by A-Ha).

In terms of realizing my day dreams of magical powers, I went into making video game effects so that I could bring these visuals to life.
But, now with VJ’ing I had a new way to realize this dream.

I am conflicted on returning to footage but I visually like this movie so much that I later returned to it and started over.
While I’ve not used that footage for a stand alone video yet, you can see it in “The Hundo Booty Experience” -

I showed this to my kids (then 5 and 3) and they immediately fell in love with “Goat Man”. They wanted me to make them Goat Man T-shirts to wear to school and to be Goat Man for Halloween. Our lack of proper religious teaching at that point also led them to want to buy crucifixes as they viewed them as “The thing that Goat Man flies on”.
I’ve made Goat Man stickers so far...the T-Shirt is on the TO DO list.

I love the video static visual. It’s something that reminds of the movie VIDEODROME (another favorite).
The signal is there but it’s raw and messy. You think you see something....but you don’t quite know what it is.

Random notes -
* This video highlights my abuse of mirroring. The cadence is typically - Find a new trick...use it too much...pull back and moderate. Fortunately my 2nd later pass on this movie addresses that...some.
* The mutating hand is one of my favorite things to video scratch during my live shows.
* The head banging scene worked out well.

This video has its share of issues, but it’s significant in that it’s a realization of an idea (and somewhat a dream).
I figured I could always do it better later.....which I did.


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