Pure Data

cusps (2012) is an audio/visual/textual feedback network. Three feedback loops, constructed from light-sensitive audio circuits that are amplifying their own electromagnetic fields, are routed to custom computer software. This software analyzes the audio signals and uses this data to synthesize three real-time video signals that are projected back onto the electronics. The light from these projections in turn affects the characteristics of the audio circuitry. Through this continual process, the independence of discrete events becomes indiscernible as catastrophic relationships continually sculpt the network's ecology. Theoretical texts that informed the direction of this project were passed through custom software that revealed ruptures and loops within the texts. When printed, these idiosyncrasies were accentuated by the use of a font whose (incorrect?) programming presents atypical behavior in response to traditional word processing commands.
Presented as an installation in a darkened room, cusps invites audience members to be absorbed in its immersive environmental qualities, or to approach its materials as intimate crafted objects.

j vimeo.com/48487159

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