It's over a year since we designed the GoFour.
We could say, "hey this is the all new GoFour version 2", but that would be a lie!
The truth is, within only a couple of years a lot has happened within the UAV Industry.

Firstly and most importantly, more people can fly! "no offence"
Secondly, speed controllers, camera's and flight controllers are much smaller any more powerful.
Thirdly, people can now build there own drone by following a youtube video or reading on forums.

Some Facts!
1. Weather Proof.
2. Aerodynamic.
3. Unbreakable.
4. Only 2 parts
5. Fully Autonomous.
6. No vibration.
7. No B.S :-)

The frame will be sold separately.
A list of recommended parts will be on our site soon.

This is now possible thanks to, FatShark, 3dRobotics, TimeCop's esc's and Tiger motors.
Thank YOU !


j vimeo.com/84990451

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