Projection Mapping

WECOMEINPEACE was invited to be part of the EXTRA programming at the Nuits Sonores (Lyon, France) with , an interactive video installation via text messaging.

How does it work?
gives the public the opportunity to express itself via visuals of celebrities such as James Dean, Blondie, Jane Fonda, Kanye West or Nietzche. Rebellious, hype, militant, arrogant, nihilist… The idea is the play with everyone of these characters’ personalities. With a mobile phone, all one needs to do is send a text message (they aren’t surcharged). First you pick from one of the 5 characters you would like to give voice to by typing a number between 1 and 5. Then, write you text message. The character then appears with your quotation.

Nuits Sonores is an annual festival devoted to electronic and independant music, as well as other digital cultures. It takes place over 4 days in over 40 locations across the Lyon metropole. Since 2003, over 700 artists have been invited to the Nuits Sonores, and in 2010, the festival gathered over 80 000 spectators. 2011 was the 9th edition.


Event : Nuits Sonores 2011



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