Projection Mapping

A simple cube one foot square on each side with one corner cut so that it can stand on end. Moving imagery is projected on all 6 surfaces of the cube. The projected image is a 3D real-time generatively texture-mapped cube.

In occular perspective things farther away appear smaller. Images projected on irregular surfaces will distort, with the portions farther away from the projection source being larger than those closer. An image of an object rendered in the correct perspective when projected on a real object of the same proportions will automatically correct for the projected distortion. The cube demonstrates this phenomenon.

Projected on the surface of the cube are a checkerboard patterns on three faces and a live camera feed on the other three. The checkerboard patterns change density over time, being governed by LFO chains to create a seemingly random and continuous timing. The live camera feed is aimed directly at the cube creating visual feedback and allowing the viewer to interact with the medium.

The work is also a conceptual abstraction commenting on the human obsession with ninety degree angles. It also exists partially to blur the boundaries between the virtual and the real; and to demonstrate the virtual becoming real (i.e. a virtual texture-mapped cube becoming a real texture-mapped cube).

Two video projectors; one iMac and one macMini running Quartz Composer; Particle Board, Vinyl surfacing; mirror from construction waste for easy viewing.


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