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SERAPH FILMS, L.L.C. is pleased to announce the release of its much-anticipated horror film VISIONS.

VISIONS stars Molly Jackson, Nicholas Jaqua, Leslie McKeller, Jon J. Peterson, and Liv Southard. The film was written by Gene Blalock, the company's founder and the film's director, Andria
Chamberlin, Director of Photography, and writer/producer James Boring.

Featuring supernatural and psychological elements, the film focuses on concepts of possession, sexual abuse, and the tenuous balance of a family torn apart by secrets and betrayal. VISIONS explores a family fighting an evil force that threatens to consume Debbie, one of its youngest members. The emotional weight of her child's descent into darkness deeply affects Sara who is unsure whether faith or practicality will save her daughter.

"We are very proud of the work we've done with the Horror Haiku series and our other short films this year," says Blalock. "VISIONS is a return to the strictly narrative form that dominated our work in previous years." Chamberlin adds, "VISIONS is a labor of love and we're grateful that the pieces fell together when and how they did."

In 2013, Seraph launched its popular micro-short series Horror Haiku and has continued to define its voice with Good with Children and VISIONS. The group is excited to share future releases To Kristin with Love, Among the Shadows, and My Christmas Wish, in addition to the fourth season of Horror Haiku.

Seraph Films, L.L.C is a group of dedicated filmmakers based in Los Angeles whose credo is quality, audience, content.


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