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"Pioneers! O Pioneers!" is a poem by the American poet Walt Whitman. It was first published in Leaves of Grass in 1865. The poem was written as a tribute to Whitman's fervor for the great Westward expansion in the United States that led to things like the California Gold Rush and exploration of the far west.

"Pioneers! O Pioneers!" is a paean of praise to the pioneers, those Americans who, by great effort, succeeded in transforming wilderness into civilization. Whitman identifies himself, body and soul, with them and is determined to march on the road to progress. The poet appears as a prophet — like Moses, he will lead the modern Israelites to a new Promised Land.

"Tan-faced children" and "Western youths" are called upon to fell "primeval forests" and to cross rivers and mountains in order to reach the West. Some of these pioneers "droop and die" on their journey. But, cheered on by "all the pulses of the world," the rest will reach their goal.

In this poem it is suggested that the movement of Americans to the West is another way of fulfilling a divine purpose; it is one form of the fruition of mystic evolution, of the material and spiritual progress of man.

Shot on the RED EPIC with minimal daylight left. A lot of the shots were filmed at 120 fps. A few were 60 fps. Vignetting was due to the fact I couldn't see anything when shooting wide (RED PRO 18-85mm T2.9 lens) on my monitor. Too chaotic to even care! But in the end I actually like the effect.

Shot & Edited by: Cassidy Bisher


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