RED Digital Cinema

These clips were shot at Stingray Sandbar, Grand Cayman, on a RED Epic in 5K HD.
The uploaded file is transcoded to 1080 HD.
There had been hardly any editing or grading done since my iMac can't handle these huge resolutions (going to order a decent tower).
I crushed the lumas, gave some contrast, adjusted the FLUT, slightly upped sat and that's mostly about it.
No color filters or NDs were used.

The "Sandbar" is an open interaction wildlife zone where people (tourists) can interact with the Southern Stingray.
These Stingrays even like to be "petted" and can give the visitor a thank you through a hickey.
They are in the the "open" sea, on a sandbank so the visitors can stand waist deep. If the Stingray don't feel like coming, they can just stay away and do their "business".

Personally I carry a "No touch, leave only bubbles" mantra, especially when on SCUBA.
If the animal itself however to interact with you by touching, then I don't feel too bad about it.
In this film are some "touching-scenes" which are gentle and not against the will of the Stingray.


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