The 'RED' Films Group


15 different 3 minute documentaries shot over 12 days in South Korea. Each film tackled a different aspect of the country. We shot in Seoul, Busan and Jeu Jeu Island!

The films where created for the Middle East.

Shot on the Epic M #692 with the Red Pro Primes.
Some shots we used the Go Pros and a Nikon for B Roll and pick up shots.

Actor - Won Ho Chung
Director - Nizar Sfeir
Producer - Ihab Al Khosousy (Al an TV)
D.O.P - Ziad Oakes
Post @ ZO
Grade David Parvin
Line Producers - Dad Kim & Han
Camera Assistants - Sangbum Yoon & Leo Kim
Production Assistants - Minji Kim
Time Lapses were created by Glenn Starr.
Music Martin Hirsch

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