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Almost half a year ago I arrived in Poland with an idea and a rough draft of a story I wanted to tell.
I just knew one person in this country, but I was decided to make this film happen.
And no, I don't know Polish and neither Russian (the language the film was shot).

After 5 months of hard work, a really complex pre production, meeting a lot of incredibly talented, professional and hard working people along the way, 3 days of shooting in 9 different locations (including a theatre with more than 200 extras) I'm able to show you the trailer of "OCTOBER". A project that has changed my life.

"OCTOBER" is based on the true story of Olga Romanova. An unknown 26-year-old woman who put her life at risk by confronting 41 Chechen Terrorists at the Dubrovka Cultural Centre on October 24th, 2002.

The whole film has been shot from the subjective point of view of Olga, and we will become her for 14 minutes on a master shot without cuts. Since she left her house, until she got inside the Theatre's Auditorium and confronted the terrorists.

Ahead of us, we have another 2 hard working months of post production. We have climbed the mountain, but it's not time to celebrate, not yet. Now we need to work really hard to make this film look, sound and feel as it has to.

We have shot this short film without any support from Governmental Sources or Big Companies.
This is a truly independent film. Made out of effort, with an extremely low budget, hard work and the need of making the world know about Olga and what she did.

I would like to thank the whole cast, crew and everyone who contributed, helped and supported us achieving this dream. It's because of them that we have been able to make this happen and it has been a huge pleasure sharing this journey with you all.

Enough talking... I proudly present you with "OCTOBER's" TRAILER.

You can find more info about the film in FB:
Or in our official website:

Gonzalo Caride


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