The 'RED' Films Group

We were commissioned by The Lift Agency to produce this piece for Rock & Bone. Rock & Bone is a furniture design company, comprised of the collaborative efforts of Damian Lawrence and Charlie Smallbone. Together the two have created a range of beautifully crafted pieces which are made in extremely limited runs and completely by hand.

Rock & Bone use a variety of unique techniques in the building and finishing of their products, and wanted to ensure that this would be reflected in the video in a creative manner. One of said techniques involves a particular style of left to right varnishing which we tried to reflect in the general momentum of the piece via camera movement and wipes.

We really enjoyed working on this piece, as we’d been interested in experimenting with match cuts and movement, and this project provided us with a perfect platform from which to do so.

Shot on the Red Epic in November 2012.

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