When we started planning our wedding we wanted something different.
We knew we wanted an eclectic look.
We both love vintage,
We looked around for a local rental company that could give us the kind of pieces we envisioned for our wedding, and we found nothing.
So we started searching for the unique pieces we needed to tell our own love story.

In the process we built this amazing collection.
We had more than enough for our own wedding.
Not only that, but we also realized how much we loved doing this.
It really brought us together, as a couple.
And we also began to see how much other people needed this too.

So we created Unearthed Vintage.
We’re a boutique rental company restoring beauty of every piece we have and
preserving the love that gets passed down over the years.

At Unearthed Vintage there's heart and soul behind each and every element in our collection.
When you work with UV you don't just get beautiful sofas, vintage china, and one of a kind pieces, you get us; from start to finish.
We believe it takes this level of detail to bring your inspiration to life.


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