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“It is said that when left unhealed, the past can destroy our lives. When Billy Reid and his sister Sheila lose loved ones in a horrific accident, they must face the aftermath together. For Billy, that aftermath and the secrets that lie within could devastate what’s left of his family. As he struggles to find his way forward, he is left with only memories. But memories are sometimes tricky things and have the power to conceal the truth.”

Produced by Arbor Avenue Films
Directed by John Whitney
Written and Produced by John Whitney and Phil Garrett
Co- Produced by Dino Tripodis & Gil Whitney
Featuring Jon Osbeck and Amanda Howell
Cinematographer – Al Laus
Music Score by Dan Hagquist
VFX by Brad Clapper
Shot on the RED ONE.

**Winner, Harmony Ridge Film Festival, 2011**
**Winner, Underneath Cincinnati Film Festival, 2011**
Best Actor, Jon Osbeck
Best Cinematography, Al Laus
Best Composition/Musical Score, Dan Haguist
Best VFX, Brad Clapper
Best Editing, John Whitney


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