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MOTHER MOUNTAIN music video by Von Haze performed by Travis Caine and Katherine Kin shot on the RED Epic-X #02118 in Virginia.

Artist: Von Haze
Label: Pendu Sound Recordings
Director / Director of Photography / Writer / Producer / Co-Editor: Dylan Verrechia
Producer / Stylist / Prop Master: Angela Barrow
Editor / Colorist / Titles: Alessio Giorgetti
Grip: Brian Corizzo
Talent: Elijah Corizzo, Skylar Corizzo, Rodney Seitz, Brian Corizzo
Verrechia Films LLC

Camera: RED Epic-X #02118
Lenses: RED Pro Primes 18mm, 35mm, 50mm T1.8
Edited on Adobe Premiere CS6; Color Graded & Titles in Final Cut X


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