Rigging & Rig Tips

1 - Scenes from a group project at University. I was responsible for project management, motion capture tracking and retargeting, rigging, cloth simulation, lighting, compositing and weapon modeling and texturing. Character modeling by Nathan Jones, environment matte paintings by Pinyo Gulashat

2 - AutoRig - Maya, written with Python and MEL. Includes features such as; motion Capture transfer directly to the rig and match IK to FK systems, stretchy limbs and space switching. Model from digital3dmodels.com

3 - Muscle rig - Maya. Custom muscle objects.

4 - Custom Maya API deformer, written with C++, Python and the Maya API. Simulates Muscle and fat jiggle.

5 - Tank Rig - Maya, includes a Python UI and a ground detection system. Model by Pinyo Gulashat.

6 - Shark Rig - Maya, rig, render and re-typology of original model. Model bought from Turbosquid, turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-max-great/651884

7 - Face Rig, Maya, model bought from digital3dmodels.com

8 - Eagle Rig, Softimage XSI, rig made for the Stina and the Wolf film. Animation by Tom Lee.

9 - Motion Capture Tracking - Blade

Song: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

j vimeo.com/65020298

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