Rio +20 Earth Summit Videos

In May of 2012 I spent 2 days with Barbara Brown who asked me to travel to Western New Brunswick, Canada, to take a look at Ayers Lake, a large tract of intact old growth Acadian Forest near Millville owned by J.D Irving Limited.

The Acadian Forest is one of my foremost passions and any chance to get a look at something as special as Ayers Lake would be taken. Barb had asked me to produced a short film on the area to give others an idea of just how special it really is.

The area is quickly gathering attention and from what I have seen, having painted and filmed in many parts of the Acadian Forest in Canada's Maritime's, it is a stunning example of Mother Nature at her best.

I urge you to contact Barb or, if you live close by, hike in to see this place for yourself, it is a real gem.

Mark Brennan.


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