I thought I could do it!
I really fought hard, up to a point where i am 1) slightly injured 2) massively daunted 3) partially bored ... I need a break with 'Divine Déchéance' and Isatis. I'll get back there when conditions (both physical AND weather) will be optimum.

So yes, most of this month was spent trying to link move 2 and 3 of DD (10 sessions so far...), and despite some pretty good weather, the tick list isn't that long... Some nice 7As (v6) though, but I really was expecting better. Again, I gotta get back to training and pleasure while climbing. Over-targeting isn't good for me!

Hopefully, we'll have a glorious autumn here in Fon't...

Boulders in the video :
Le Pare-Dessus, 7A+ (v7) : Gorge aux chats
Pitt Boule, 7A (v6) : Mont Simonet
Abdolobotomy, 7A (v6) : Franchard Isatis


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