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We all like to be out and about when the weather's nice.

Blue skies, warm breezes and full on sunshine make for lovely hiking and picnicing conditions.

However, if you want to photograph or timelapse outdoors then the weather needs to be a bit more interesting.

That was the case on this particular evening, as a cold front had just moved through North Wales leaving blustery, wet and chilly conditions in its wake, but with the benefit of some beautifully layered and highly mobile clouds.

That was all the incentive I needed to load up the car with camera gear and head up my local hill, Moel Famau, the highest peak in the Clwydian range and strategic spot for spectacular views and great sunsets out over the Vale of Clwyd to the west.

On this occasion, what was happening in the sky was much more interesting than what was happening on the ground, as the sun set behind a dense bank of low level cumulus, while highlighting the high altitude clouds that were trailing the cold front.

So I pointed my good old Canon 5D skyward and set it off taking a frame every two seconds until the light faded from the scene. This happened quicker than I expected due to a bank of fog rolling up the side of the mountain and engulfing me.

Quite a surreal end to a stunning half hour in a beautiful location.

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