Hello, Future


Advertising often attempts to portray an affinity with the individual, but in reality is streamlined to target the anonymous many.

I wanted to play a game of role reversal with the advertising industry and the consumer, by creating what was aesthetically similar to a TV ad, but whose purpose wasn't to sell, but to do away with anonymity and bring the consumer's individuality to the fore.

I posted ads around my neighbourhood, and online, asking members of the public to take part in this project, and asked each person to interpret the song in their own way. Everyone who responded is in the final cut.

The lyrics to me, verbalise the hidden claims of brands in creating brand loyalty: 'I was the one when you needed love', so I had each 'consumer' speak these lyrics from a generically ad-like platform.

I hope to remind viewers that brands need us as much as we need them, and to provoke them into asking questions about where the power in this dynamic has the potential to lie in the future.

Director - Jasper Delamothe
Producer - Jessica Napier
DOP - Jasper Delamothe
Camera operator - Max Robson
Post-production - Jasper Delamothe & Jessica Napier

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