This is the first step in our researchproject WAVES. In the video we have replaced loudspeakers by shakers.
Shakers function like loudspeakers, but instead of producing sounds, they produce vibrations. In the piece with the paper, we had the paper hang from a long string with a piezo-pickup. The signal goes into a small mixingboard, and a line output goes from there to a hifi amp. Instead of a speaker, we used a shaker, that was mounted between the wall and the string. So we can create feedback, though not in sound, but in movement. The higher the volume, the wilder the paper moves.
In the second part we have a shaker directly mounted to a sinc plate of 1x2 meters, hanging on strings from the ceiling. One of the strings has a piezo that goes into the amp, producing feedback, that makes the plate vibrate.
The other piezo goes into a guitaramp/speaker. In the last take of the video the amplified sound of the vibrating plate can be heard.


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