Zach Layton is a composer and guitarist working with biofeedback. We shot Zach playing this beautiful duet with his own brainwaves + electric guitar toward the feature-length film Music of the Hemispheres, currently in progress.

Music of the Hemispheres is a feature-length, non-fiction-science-fiction-film examining the potential musical structure of consciousness as proposed by philosopher Dan Lloyd's Music of thought hypothesis.

Modes of data visualization, music composition, performance, and audition will be cracked open like coconuts and its milk poured ceremoniously over an examination of brain mechanics and the architecture of the mind.

MOTH is both film and experiment, pairing artists with scientists, commissioning new musical works, documenting emerging breakthroughs in Music Cognition and Theory – offering it up to you in the form of a visual autopsy of the harmony within, and the colossal choir that is humankind.

"Conscious life, then, might be likened to the experience of a performer improvising at a keyboard: She is simultaneously the creator of the music, its performer, and its audience. But these elements are all combined in a single stream, a series of single acts of simultaneous creation and perception. And the improvisation weaves around a musical background, the causal influence of the body and world. However, we must remember that the music of mind will dwarf any actual music in its complexity. The polyphony of the brain is ultimately a counterpoint of millions of channels, and the temporal dynamism extends from milliseconds to years. Its articulations involve many more dimensions than the ear can discern. These are the articulations of full sensory and motor experience, along with the flow of reflection in all its forms." - Dan Lloyd:

director/editor: Elisa Da Prato
director of photography: James Fideler
additional photography: Peter Buntaine


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