Here's a behind the scenes look of a Green County TVC filmed for, 4D Media Productions provided post-production services for the TVC and this video gives a breakdown of each shot.

The compositing process from bottom to top was:

-Color Keying / Greenscreen removal (4 passes to preserve edges, shadows, etc)
-Marker removal (Removing tracker markers stuck on the greenscreen)
-3D Camera tracking (as required)
-3D Set creation (A dark gradient cyc/endless background)
-Shadows and reflections (Integrating Timomatic with 3D Set)
-Laser lights (4-10 different lights as needed)
-Lens Flares
-Final composite & color grade

Dir - Sanjay Matthews
Editor - Manish Girish Namdeo
Vfx Superviser - Ashish Namdeo
Post Production - 4D Media Productions-Mumbai


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