NB. R18!!
This pilot is intended for an 18 to 36 year old target audience and includes Bad Language & Content not suitable for younger viewers.

"Smells Like Love: The Unwanted" is a dark and twisted tale about a community of abortions
that now live a life of seclusion in the sewers below. This series is here to answer that question
that has been unanswered for generations, what happens to all those abortions that are just
tossed aside, thrown away, flushed!?


Created by:
Michael Robertson & Craig Mitchelson

Script Writer:
Grieg Cameron

Michael Robertson
Ken Doust

Character Designs:
Michael Robertson

Ken Doust

BackGround Artist:
Dean Boschetti

Storyboard Artists:
Rudolph Boonzaaier
Keenan Gaybba
Keegan Thornhill

Voice Over Artists:
Miki Dee
Cearah Wurdeman
Ken Doust
Michael Robertson


j vimeo.com/58365577

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