Far over the misty mountains cold.
To dungeons deep and caverns old.
We must ere break of day.
To seek the pale enchanted gold.

Is that a line from

A. Nativity 2?
B. James Bond?
C. Life of Pi?

The correct answer is
D. The Hobbit.

J.R.R. Tolkein’s fantasy takes place in “Middle-earth.” Middle Earth is not some never-never land. It is simply an adaptation of the Old English Middle–erthe from Middan-geard which is the name inhabited lands “between the seas.” Which means, in some profound sense Tolkien’s intended his fantasy world to be a mirror, or reflection of our own. So what has a fairy story about elves and dwarves got to do with Christmas? Lets try and find an answer through three riddles.

1. Is Life About Luck or Providence?

The word luck appears twenty-five times in The Hobbit, luckily is used eleven times, and the word lucky nine times. We find these luck-related words used by Tolkien so frequently that sooner or later you begin to wonder if there is something more than luck at work. Gandalf tells the dwarves that if they think he made a mistake in choosing Bilbo, they can stop at thirteen and have all the “bad luck” they like, thus framing the whole quest under the question of luck. In chapter five we are told Bilbo is saved by “pure luck” when he needs more time to figure out Gollum’s riddle but can only stammer “Time! Time!” which is actually the answer..

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