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Moonhawk River Stone, M.S., LMHC is a psychotherapist, consultant, educator, keynote speaker and
writer in private practice in the Albany, NY area and is himself and out, open and proud transsexual man.
In his clinical practice, Mr. Stone has specialized in working with the LGBT community (especially
with transgender people of all ages and their families), with survivors of childhood trauma, & people with
dissociative disorders, with people and families where one has either a traumatic brain injury or
Alzheimers dementia for well over two decades. He has special expertise in working with young
transgender children and their families and is widely known and respected for his work with young
children and their families.
As an educator/trainer, he has presented hundreds of workshops and trainings at numerous
conferences locally, nationally and internationally, both academic & clinical on many topics, but
specializes in transgender education, especially in human resource issues, policy development and
implementation, and legislation. He has presented at such institutions as Yale University, Union College,
State University at Albany, State University at Binghamton, and College of St. Rose, the Federally
Employed Womens annual National Training Program and New York State United Teachers union. A
gifted public speaker Stone has been a keynote speaker at such events as the 2002 Bahamian LGBT
Pride celebration and IFGE conferences, Connecticut Outreach Society, Fantasia Fair, TransEvents USA
2010 and others.
He is a consultant to many agencies and businesses, such as IBM, Wyle Labs, Siemens
Technologies, Inc., CSX Transportation, Inc. regarding transgender issues. Stone has done graduate
work toward a Ph.D. in counseling psychology.
As a political activist, currently Stone volunteers his time with Albany Capital Region, statewide,
national and international organizations.
Mr. Stone is an advocate and activist for transgender human and civil rights and works to develop
transgender health care policy (for instance, participating in Healthy People 2010 and 2020 forums) and
transgender employment policy. He is active in working on issues related to Gender Identity Disorder's
continuing presence in the DSM and in the areas of Aging and Disability. Over the past eight years, Stone
has taken a leadership role with other activists on a concerted effort to remove the stigmatizing and
discriminatory Gender Identity Disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,
and is the leading voice for its removal. Stone is working in collaboration with the leading activists on
transgender healthcare coverage in public and private insurance, André Wilson and Jamison Green, to
make transgender healthcare fully inclusive for transgender individuals.
Stone has previously served on the boards of FTM International, Inc. (Secretary), The AIDS
Council of Northeastern New York, Inc. (Treasurer), the International Foundation for Gender Education,
Inc. (Board Chair), the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy, Inc. (Board Co-Chair), the
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation, Inc. (Board Vice-Chair & Diversity Committee Chair),
GLSEN-NYCR (Board Secretary and then Co-Chair). Stone is Vice President of the Board of Directors of
Trans Youth Family Allies, Inc., a member of the LGBT National Aging Roundtable and a member of Out
& Equal's Transgender Advisory Committee. Formerly he served as Co-Chair of the Ending Disparities
Committee at National Coalition for LGBT Health where he has been active since their inception, and was
Chair the Transgender Health Care Committee at GLMA.
In 2003 he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Empire State Pride Agenda, as their first
transgender member where he served for 3 years. Stone was a member of the National Center for
Transgender Equalitys Advisory Board for 2 years. Stone was also a member of the Disability
Oppression and Access Committee of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force where he work on issues
of accessibility, racism and a multicultural intersectional approach to social justice for all

Locally, he has worked with The Committee for GLBT Families and Schools, and The Coalition
for Safer Schools of New York State, and he has sat on the Board of Directors of Rainbow Access
Initiative. Stone was a member of the former Capital District Trans Youth Task Force. In 1988, Stone was both cofounder and co-chair of the Fulton-Montgomery AIDS Task Force, an organization still providing
support and education to date. He is a member of many national organizations devoted to civil rights for
the LGBT community and other marginalized communities.
As an activist, Stone has worked diligently for transgender civil rights, working in coalition with
other transgender activists on the legislative campaign for the New York City Transgender Civil Rights Bill
(In 2002, Local Law 3), and was part of the committee which wrote the implementation guidelines for the
law. He worked to pass the Albany City Transgender Civil Rights Ordinance (passed April 7, 2004) and
worked to pass the Albany County Transgender bill which was unfortunately withdrawn from
consideration by the Albany County legislature in March 2005. Previously he has worked on the New York
State Dignity for All Students (DASA) Coalition advocating transgender inclusive passage of the New York
State DASA bill. He was responsible for the initial language in the legislation which made it transgender
inclusive. He has testified at the New York State Senate on behalf of same-sex marriage. Currently he is
working on the statewide coalition to pass the transgender civil rights bill, GENDA in New York State as
well as several other national initiatives. He is a member of the GENDA coalition. In 2009 he testified at
the federal hearing for Healthy People 2020 advocating for transgender inclusion in the document. In
2010, he was invited to be a major writer of the as yet unreleased guidelines to the New York State
Governors Executive Order protecting transgender state employees.
Stone is a frequent writer on transgender issues and has a monthly column, Trans View, in the
Albany LGBT newspaper, CommUnity, and previously had a monthly column That Trans Thing in Q
Northeast, and while Chair of the IFGE board, a column, From The Bridge in Tapestry Magazine.
Currently, he is in the initial stages with co-authors, Tarynn Whitten and Joseph Ippolito of writing the
chapter on Transgender and Aging for the upcoming Trans Bodies, Trans Selves. While volunteering at
the National Coalition for LGBT Health, Stone and 12 others formed a feminist collective and did the
formative groundbreaking work for a volume to have been entitle, Our Trans Bodies.
In September 2004, he presented a paper entitled: “Gender Identity is for Everyone: Creating A
Paradigm For Change” at the 6th International Congress on Sex and Gender in Manchester, UK. A
highlight of his professional career, Stones paper on reform and removal of Gender Identity Disorder
from the DSM was one of two papers which opened the Congress.
In October 2004, Stone was the recipient of the Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community
Councils highest award, the Harvey Milk Award for his long-standing contributions to LGBT activism. The
previous year, September 2003, he had received recognition from the Rainbow Alliance of the Bahamas
during their first pubic Pride Celebration where he was a keynote speaker.
In February 2005, he presented a paper entitled: “Approaching Critical Mass: An Exploration Of
The Role Of Intersex Allies In Creating Positive Education, Advocacy and Change” at the first ever
multidisciplinary international symposium on Intersex: Intersex Education, Advocacy, & The Law
Symposium at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law of Yeshiva University in New York. His paper has
since been published in the Cardozo Journal of Law & Gender, vol. 12 (1), pp. 353-366).
In September 2007, Stone presented a paper on Gender Identity Disorder at the biennial WPATH
Symposium in Chicago, IL entitled “Shifting Paradigms: Making The Case for Moving Gender Identity
Disorder Out of the DSM” in which he proposed a new diagnosis for transgender care based in
Stone relaxes with his love of gardening, reading, nature photography and music, enjoying
studying piano, teaching sitar, and playing with his three cats, Annie, Buster and Charlie.
RiverStone Consulting
Moonhawk River Stone, M.S., LMHC
PO Box 9179,
Niskayuna, New York 12206
(518) 506-1261 .


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