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Sigur Ros Mystery Film Competition
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Voting between september 11th and 18th 2012.
Sigur Ros "Varðeldur" by Jago
Concept/scenography/camera/edt/postproduction: JAGO
cast: Ula Bernat
JAGO (Jagoda Chalcinska) - vj, visual artist, video producer, av performer, creator of music videos and short experimental movies. Her live vj sets are exclusively based on her own video material. Her motion pictures raise the mood of music and intensify the senses turning concerts into an audiovisual spectacles. Jago's dreamy compositions unwind on the screen inviting the viewer into a fantasy world of visual delight pulsing with colors and alternate dimensions. As a VJ she had the opportunity to present her work in Poland, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Hungary at events, parties, concerts and festivals such as: Mapping Festival (Geneva) , Electrode Festival (Rome), Live Performers Meeting LPM (Rome), Kazantip (Crimea) and more. She is the winner of the 2011 Videozone VJ Contest.


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