Visual/Special FX

Musicvideo for the Band «Five Years Older», 2010

The song «The City» by the Swiss electro-pop band «Five Years Older» describes the process of a commuter becoming acquainted with an unknown city, adapting to its rhythm, until he is completely absorbed by it. The video clip combines drawings by hand with 3D computer animations and ultimately visualizes the fusion of the human with the city.

Music: Five Years older,
Concept and Animation: Dirk Koy,

Prix Ars Electronica: Honorary Mention

The clip was shown at MTV, VIVA, SF1 and SF2.

Screenings at festivals:

– Anifest 2011 (Czech Republic)
– Anima 2012 (Belgium)
– Animated Dreams 2010 (Estland)
– Animanima 2011 (Serbia)
– Animatou 2011 (Switzerland)
– Animest 2011 (Romania)
– Annecy 2011 (France)
– Big Cartoon Festival in Moscow 2011 (Russia)
– Bornshorts 2010 (Denmark)
– Brest European Short Film Festival 2011 (France)
– Fantoche 2010 (Switzerland)
– Fest Anca 2010 (Slovakia)
– Festival de cinema independent de Barcelona (Spain)
– Geneva International Film Festival, Cinéma Tous Ecrans 2011 (Switzerland)
– Istanbul Animation Festival (Turkey)
– ITFS Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart 2011 (Germany)
– Interfilm Berlin 2011 (Germany)
– L'Hybride in Béthune 2011 (France)
– Multivision Festival (Russia)
– Onedotzero 2010 (England)
– Onedotzero 2011 (Switzerland)
– Piazzetta 2011 (Switzerland)
– Rencontres Audiovisuelles (France)
– Solothurner Filmtage 2010 (Switzerland)
– Spore Incident 2010 (Mexico)
– VIS Vienna Independent Shorts 2011 (Austria)


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