Short Animation


This project was done at the costal beaches of San Pedro, CA. It was a great sunny day and a wonderful opportunity for group projects. The project was to use the beach as a canvas and utilize anything that was in it to create a piece of art. The only artificial tool the crew could use was his/her camera or cell phone to capture the art form. Stivens idea consisted of a visual txt massage being portrayed by nature. His train of thought came from the word "I Miss You". Stivens ponder on this word, until he said " It is easy to say the words I miss you, but how can I show meaning to the words I miss you". His quote sparked an idea, and also a long five scorching hours to execute it. The Idea was, to show the words " I miss you" in it's authenticity, for in doing this, the person whom would be receiving this message, would se how much this person really misses him/her and at what creative measures the individual would go to portray the significance of his/her message.OK! NOW!, enjoy the clip

Objective: Make something creative out of the natural landscape.
Rules: Could only use what each member brought to the place. ( ex. cameras, cell phones, paper...)

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