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"The Brief Adventure of Ultraman Sorta" is a film I made back in 2006 as part of a "Duel" with another filmmaking friend of mine. It's hardly my best work, what with some severely overexposed shots and some jarring 180º rule breaks, but I still see it as being something of a feat, given that I made the entire thing by myself in Georgia's hellish August heat.

Last year we made a second episode and we are now working on a third so the version you see here is a "renewed" version of sorts that I created to jive better with the style of the new ones. I mostly only changed the title card, did some minor color correcting, created a new credits sequence, and tacked on the trailer for number two. The old version is still available on Youtube and I'm not going to bother uploading this version there - instead it will be for Vimeo and GFest only.

If you want to comment on this film (and I encourage this!) but you don't have a Vimeo account, feel free to leave your thoughts over here on my blog:


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