Short Films

This short film titled "I'm Sorry" was done as part of my (DP & Editor) portfolio. The plot moves in this order, from real-life to flashback then to the future and lastly back to real-life. Amanda was reflecting on the quarrel that happened on the night before. They decided to meet and resolve this issue. While waiting for George, Amanda anticipated on what is happening next, the future (happy ending) but in real-life is another quarrel. All Amanda wanted to hear is "I'm Sorry".

I used different lighting set-up to create difference types of mood. Soft and diffuse lighting for happy ending and harsh lighting with shadows for the quarreling scene. I also used some blue colour gel (CTB) on the tungsten light to give a blue backlight to my characters. Most of the shots are shot in medium close-up to close-up as this is to show the emotions and thoughts of the characters. In one extreme close-up scene, I was trying to bring out the eye-light (catch-light) in Amanda's eyes by using Christmas lighting (small LED lights). In editing, I paced the shots in such a way that the beginning was slightly slower and the quarreling scene was faster. My idea is to use pacing to change the atmospheres of the story from a romantic scene to a quarreling scene. During colour grading, I added a tint of blue in the highlight while maintaining the skin tone colour of my characters.

Director - Kenneth Teo
Director of Photography - Kenneth Teo
Cameraman 1 - Xavier Low
Cameraman 2 - Kavi
Cameraman 3 - Kenneth Teo
Soundman 1 - Kavi
Soundman 2 - Kenneth Teo

George - George Yu
Amanda - Amanda Woon

Music by Javier Suarez (Jahzzar)

Canon 5DII & 7D
Canon 35mm f/2
Nikon 50mm f/1.8
Nikon 70-200 f/2.8
Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8
Zoom H4N
Tungsten Light X 3


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