Short Films

Director & Cinematography: Robert Goulding
Written by: Daniel Hargadon
Voice Over: Stephen David Calhoun (US)

A 1 minute World War II film that expresses the true values in life through a soldier's thoughts in a time of peril.
Planned one day, shot the next. Used available light only due to no access to lighting on the day.

Canon 60D (Technicolor Cinestyle)
Super-Takumar 35mm
Lanparte Shoulder Rig w/ A/B Hard Stops Follow Focus
Wondlan Weights
Seagull Viewfinder
Additional Zacuto accessories

Magic Bullet Looks
Film Convert (Kodak 5207 Vision3)
Gorilla Grain 35mm

Narration (un-cut):

The most important asset to any human being is to maintain self-preservation, a sense of loyalty and the ability to protect the ones you love, even when the road ahead leads to certain death.

But what part do I play in my life anyway? An enforcer to bring death upon others? I used to imagine myself as one of many gatekeepers holding the key to freedom and peace. But that idea depleted quickly.

Today I stand as a soldier of the 22nd regiment of volenteers. Part of the dogface patriots. The stellar guns. Although, the last of my squad felt death’s cold grip four days ago. Like the fox, I push forward alone.

The mind after a prolonged period of time enters an unusual state of apprehension. Always watching, always aware. Thoughts begin to wash away and the objective of survival slowly takes hold, saturating the mind in its entirety.

Germans aren’t the only threat out here.

Did I learn from my mistakes? Had I taken enough time to cherish the nature of life around me while I had a chance? Life becomes a bittersweet thing when surrounded by the tools of destruction we created ourselves.

So I say to my brothers. To my sisters. To my sons and to my daughters.

To understand the beginning is to understand the end.

© 2013 New Ray Studio


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