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ZONA DYNAMIC is an Art Project with the goal of bringing unknown international artists together to launch an exhibition and cultural event. Each time there will be a different theme or debate, to which all final artworks will relate, whilst there will be no limitations set on the use of media giving the artists the freedom to express themselves in any form possible. The idea is to generate a modern contemporary art project that is interactive and unexpected by temporarily creating a community in a dynamic space, that sets in motion and breeds an inspiring exchange of ideas between artists from different disciplines and practices.

Our first event was on the 19th of October. An exhibition about the topic of ANIMISM in a historically interesting building in Kremmener Street directly by the former Berlin Wall. We invited artists from China, Russia, Mexico, USA, Australia, UK, Malaysia, Greece, Estonia and Germany to come together, exchange, work and create something new. It is very important for us to espescially give artists from countries, who are struggling with limited freedom and oppression, the opportunity to enjoy the artistic freedom in Berlin.

Nikolai Gamasin ( )
Falko Tilgner ( )
Elisa Fabia Schönherr ( )

Artworks by:
Oscar Moreno (USA)
Joe Rogers (UK)
Alejandro Nubo (Mexico)
Evey Kwong (Malaysia)
Katerina Kachavina (Russia)
Jan Goldfuß (Germany)
Franek Zbieszczyk (Germany)
Zoe Charalambous (Greece)
Elisa Fabia Schönherr (Germany)
Nikolai Gamasin(Russia)
Diana Bauer (Germany)
Ben Fisher (Germany)
Luciana Nanci (Brasil)
Sofia Apunnikova (Estonia)
Platon Fedorchenko (Ukraine)
Elisa Schönherr (Germany)
Lucy Brydon (UK)
Music by:
Guille Bonesso (London)
Esclé (Munich, Leipzig)
FalscherBart (Berlin)
Bondexx (Dresden)


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