Short Films

Better the End is the latest short film from D. I. Riordan. Be sure to visit our Indiegogo campaign and help bring this project to life.

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Music: "Here, In Heaven 2" by Elite Gymnastics

Short film “Better the End” centers around two immigrant women who belong to a city-- the fictional city of Pemtaya-- against their will in the sex industry, both now bound to a place they cannot call home. Both women crave meaning and connectedness despite their circumstances, but are fearful of never finding either.

Pemtaya-- the fictional city in which this film takes place, has effectively erased its connection to a continuous history and to nature through endless iterations of planning and building. There is little left of the natural world that once stood beneath it.

Yet, spirituality and the natural world interject in the women’s lives throughout the film as they are confronted with transcendence.


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