Short Films

Fauntleroy Creek Video:

Sentinel stone
Fresh water,
a safe campsite.
What once was true
of this special place
could be true again,
now that you are here

Habitat marker (with leaping salmon)

Imbedded stones
An Indian gave me a piece of salmon roasted, which I ate with relish. This was the first I had seen and convinced me we were in the waters of the Pacific. - Meriweather Lewis

Spawn, roe, milt, redd, eyed egg, alevin, sac-fry, fry, parr, smolt, juvenile, adult, spawner, kipper, kelt

Salmon are sea-bright silver shuttles weaving the rain-green world of Pacific Northwest watersheds. - Tom Jay

We are not above that which we have the power to destroy. - Ed Hunt

Animals in the creek tell us if the water is clean or dirty. - Catherine Smgkeo, Maple Elementary

Thank you. We're jumping with joy. Amber Hogar (student)


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